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Random To Reason?

Random to reason. The world today has moved past the formal strict lifestyle into an almost chaotic merge of information and culture that can be fully accessed in a few clicks of a mouse.

Random would be a good word to describe this world as comedy today has moved past the the slap stick Three Stooges guffaw to the ‘smart’ Bill Murry humour to Will Ferrel yelling at the camera whatever he feels like with expectancy that it will make us  laugh. And guess what, we do laugh, and we go back to his movies again and again. 

However random can’t be restricted to humour, it’s a lifestyle today. There are people today who don’t want to be restricted to one in a group of many. They want to break out, going on ‘dollar a day diets’ wheeling around in wheel chairs with no handicap, even forgoing the use of electricty. And people respect them, even adore them. Why do they do it? Do they have a reason?

Architecture, Litterature and the Arts are all random. Antoni Gaudí’s and Vincent Van Gogh’s works can be looked upon as a result of a pure whim. But no, they are seen as the greatest and most cherished works of art in this world. Is there something behind this? Is there something more?

This blog is dedicated to to those random pieces of art, those random people, the random things you see on the web and on the way to work.  This blog is dedicated to showing the world that it all has a reason.


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