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The Sagrada Familia

To start things off I’ve decided to write about one of the most unbelievable and strangest cathedrals that I’ve ever seen, the Sagrada Familia of Antonio Gaudí ( yes he’s the one where the expression comes from).

What really stood out to me, other than it being gargantuan and immensely beautiful, was that it was still under construction.

That’s right Gaudí started the work in 1882 and died before he could see it finished, he is said to have remarked that ‘my client is not in a hurry’. One thing that is amazing about this long construction period is that you can see on each façade the different style of art and architecture from the different period it was made.This variety is also due to 4 other architects other than Gaudí redoing the plans after some of the originals were destroyed in a fire.

However one theme about this Cathedral remains the same, the vast detail and scope of the artwork throughout. It seems by just glancing at the Cathedral that you’re visiting a story of the Bible, the images being life size, seem to spring to life. The the stained glass and design of the building itself is twisted and nonlinnear making it seem to have a life of its own. 

However, what is far more wondrous is the the detail of the cathedral. It seems that Gaudí didn’t want to leave an inch of the cathedral without something unique about it. And truly each wall, each door, each stairwell is piece of art in its own.

What’s more is that everything has a reason behind it. The 18 tall towers that impose the cathedral in the skyline represent Jesus Christ and his followers at different levels. Each façade represents a stage in Jesus’ life.  The pillars inside the cathedral wind up changing shape from simple squares to octagons to circles. The design on the top of the pillars is Gaudí’s unique style of art, not taken from other styles of art or artists but from nature itself. 

There is symbolism behind every part of this prodigious structure, making it so much more unique. No this structure isn’t result of a architect with a strange whim, this is Gaudí’s way of glorifying his God, representing his beliefs to the world in a form that makes you ponder what he meant. And it doesn’t take a religious person to appreciate it.


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