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Going through day to day life I’ve realized something, everything revolves around deadlines. Not just the stereotypical work or school deadlines, but the unspoken, unseen deadlines that create the pace of our world.

From reading the newspaper to mowing the lawn, everything is on a deadline. These simple task seem as if they’re unimportant and really aren’t necessary to do. However, what if these deadlines weren’t met? 

If everyone stopped exercising or buying groceries, and kept putting it off to the next week the world would eventually slow down and stop altogether. People wouldn’t go vote and result in politicians tying every time, each with one vote, their own. We wouldn’t take out the trash or bathe, resulting in unprecedented environmental issue, not to mention hygiene issues as well.

This seems extreme but what if we all put off visiting our elderly grandparents? The toll on us doesn’t seem that bad, but when one dies of a heart attack, there goes a library full of family memories. We all live fast paced lives, but sometimes the work deadlines aren’t the most pressing deadlines that we have. 

Look at the word Deadline: Dead-Line, it has a lot of meaning behind it, for once you miss the living deadline, it’s over, it’s dead. My grandfather, a news anchor had whirlwind of information that would have been so useful for me now. But with his death it’s gone, irretrievable, stolen from me by the greatest nemesis of us all, death. 

Maybe this hectic world of ours needs to stop following the artificial deadlines and focues more on the living deadlines, the ones that can escape us forever.


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