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Rebirth of Journalism


If one was to visit a blog or forum about journalism they would be likely to find numerous articles and comments talking about the end of Journalism. It gets almost to the point that one wonders if they might see one of these “doomsday prophets” on a street corner clad in a white rob yelling to alarmed onlookers about the end of the world. A compilation of such comments was made by the stupendous blog 10,000 Words on the site Here’s a quick look: 

“Just in case no-one told you, printed newspapers are dead. We know it, they know it; we’re just pretending they’re doing fine to be polite.”
– @jearle

And indeed some of these people have a point, journalism as it has been known for years is over.

But does that mean that Journalism is dead? Of course not. The “doomsday prophets” are referring to the collapse of the printed newspaper as even the titans such as The Union Tribune and New York Times are falling apart.  But does that mean journalism is dead? 

Saying journalism is dead is like saying that transportation was over when people stopped buying horse and buggys to move around when the automobile became popular. Journalism isn’t dying, it’s modernizing itself with a highly advanced generation.

Journalism is alive and well, even growing. The days of the printed newspaper are over, they’ve been over ever since our grandparents became too old to read. Of course many recieve the paper every morning but with over packed schedules who has the time to read it?

Not to mention that it takes considerable skill to open a newspaper and read the story you want squished among countless others and then half way having  to go to the back section to finish the story. And this is suppose to be successful when all one has to do to get instant news is turn on a phone? 

Journalism is going to become essential, it’s not going to be confined to a thick paper wasting copy but to anything and everyone. The age where scruffy old journalists dictate what the crowd sees is over. The rebirth of Journalism is here, and all that we can see people going to is a funeral. 

Oh and apparently Harrison Ford is one of the reasons behind the demise of Journalism, take a look: (I think bdjfilms wasn’t referring to the guy drawing with chalk, but rather what happens 1:00 mark don’t worry I didn’t get it either.)

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