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Schools Need To Reevaluate Budget Cuts

In recent news the education system is taking a blow from budget cuts. Turns out that schools now can’t afford to offer the expensive to run T-Shirt Printing Classes anymore.


When I went to school in France you were not able to choose your classes. There was a set schedule for everyone from Jr. High onwards. There were definitely no electives, choosing your own classes seemed too good to be true. We had music and art class sure, but what they wanted was to give their students a little culture. Everything extra had to be done out of school.

School in Europe is designed to send their children into the world the most prepared as possible. They don’t think that the word “School” should ever be in a sentence with the word “Fun” unless  “is not”  is in the middle. Of course school isn’t fun in Europe but Test Scores prove that European students score on average a lot better than Americans in testing. In my freshman year of high school in France I was taking a college level Physics class.

This is not to say that their system is perfect. France has a high  drop out rate and when living there the French nationals dread school. School should be for a person a preparatory stage in their life where afterward they’re ready to go out and tackle the world. It should be an interesting a exciting experience, but in a time of one of America’s greatest depressions, is a T-Shirt making class really the right thing for the taxpayers money? Maybe we should try to teach our kids not how to make shirts but rather how to prepare for a bad economy.

On the bright side, maybe budget cuts won’t be a bad thing in some of these schools:

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