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YouTube Needs Help

YouTube since the beginning was the center for user rated video. It was the new generation of filmmakers posting their videos to be seen and appreciated by the world. It’s affected the world as we know it today, as the Super Bowl ads proved. But when YouTube sold itself to Google, it began to lose the originality that made it so popular, becoming more and more like a company and less and less like a community of filmmakers.

YouTube is now advertising all over its site, even on videos that takes away from the originality it once had. But what is really killing YouTube is that they now allow companies to have super accounts that let them post High Def videos for however long they like. C-SPAN recently posted President Obama’s Adress to Congress that lasted almost an hour. Here it is:

The video, along with another one from C-SPAN was featured on the the YouTube Homepage. Since when does an hour long video become featured on YouTube? In a way it’s sad how low YouTube has gotten. They have to know that the average web surfer isn’t going to watch an hour long video on YouTube, especially when it begins with over 2 minutes of just clapping. That’s insane.

YouTube either needs to get it’s priorities straight or someone else is going to have to take over the online video market.

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