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And you thought you knew movie reviews…

You’ve seen Siskel and Ebert, read long and wholesome reviews in the the paper and have watched reviews online . But in this bustling world who has the time to read long  movie reviews? Well never fear Haiku is here! Haiku is a style of Japanese poetry ( taught in High School) basically three sentences long giving the three main points of really anything in an artistic manner. Here’s the full meaning on wikipedia.

MG Siegler, an immensely popular tech blogger for Venture Beat has created a movie review site all in Haiku format, here’s a look at his review of the Oscar’s Best Picture:


Now if that isn’t time efficient what is? An added plus is that you can always impress people by telling them you’re an avid reader of the Japanese Haiku. Make sure to follow ParisLemon (MGSiegler) on Twitter who is an consistent poster with a ton of great information.

One of my favorite movie review sites  is Their whole review is basically a host of 4 animated characters, 2 white guys and 2 black guys (and sometimes a computer) basically  tearing a movie apart holding nothing back, it can get pretty raunchy but the funny thing is is that most of what they say is true. Sometimes their reviews are better than the movie itself, like this one on 10,00 B.C.:

In between laughing all I could think of was how they hit that movie right on the spot.

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