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Firefox over Chrome…

firefoxAfter recently moving back to the states I bought a new computer along with a top speed internet access that enabled me to search through the web a lot faster. With this gained time I was able to try out each main PC internet browser.

I began by using the recently created Google Chrome. I was at first amazed by how simple it was to use, due to the lack of clutter that I had become oh so use to in Internet Explorer. The all in one search bar and pre-opened tabs were a delight to someone who had to wait 15 seconds for my Yahoo! homepage to load.

Google Chrome is insanely fast, it beats every other web browser with its legs tied. I was really enjoying myself until I began to become more and more involved with the tech industry and blogging/Twitter. I found that Google Chrome was severely lacking in apps and was forced to maintain numerous amounts of tabs, cutting down my time to a computer. After opening so many tabs, Chrome began to feel more and more cluttered and would often shut down on bad days.

My friend, noticing my dilemma  suggested Firefox. At first I was hesitant because I had a special feeling towards Google Chrome as I was using it the first day it came out but after I became fed up when my tabs would repeatedly close up I downloaded Firefox. I wasn’t disappointed.

google_chromeThe amount of apps and helpful features that I can use astounded me, sure I noticed a slightly slower load time but the applications made up for that in no time.

Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious and Gmail suddenly became so much easier to use with the applications and I gained a ton of time to learn more and update my blog.

Chrome may be faster but in the end Firefox won the race.

I keep in mind however that Chrome is still in a beta stage, hopefully they’ll learn from the success Firefox has had and I’ll be the first one to return to it.

Here’s a video that times the two browsers for you to be the judge:

What is your favorite Browser? Please Comment Below:

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