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5 Youtube Blogs You Should Be Watching

A few months ago I was pretty adamant about the fall of the leading user-generated video site YouTube. I wrote about how the commercialization of the site had tainted its originality and gave a few alternatives to the site.

My feelings about YouTube still stay the same, as the user controlled feel that I grew up on will never return. However, my pessimism on the subject has greatly reduced as I have rediscovered the transformation of YouTube and am prepared to once again launch myself into that realm. With the discovery of different popular YouTube Vlogs, (Like daily blogs but video, imagine reality TV without the TV part) I have found new inspiration and have seen the potential that a YouTube vlog has.

So I’m in the planning stage with a friend to create a YouTube daily vlog/show. I know that I’m one in a million Youtubers that dream of the small internet celebrity status but I’m doing this more to record my life in segments as to further our futures understanding of our time.  It sounds lofty but from what I’ve seen these YouTube Vlogs are nothing but that.

Here are a few YouTube Vlogs that you should  be watching:

1. Internet Killed Television:

Internet Killed Television is the larger name of the Vlog and YouTube Show of two lovebirds’ Charles and Allie who are posting their lives to the world in the form of daily videos of their lives. With an average hit range of 100,000 to 500,000 a day, there definitely is something unique about the couple. The couple also updates the world through Facebook and Twitter connections.

2. “SHAYTARDS” Daily video diary:

Shaytards is the one year journey of Shay Carl’s 29th year of living.  Basically imagine a toned downed bearded Jack Black without the awkwardness mixed with some sort of Brady Bunch/Waltons show. He’s also a really funny guy and contributes to the Station. Find him also on twitter.

3. Lisa Nova

Lisa brings the comedy with a weekly show as well as other comedic themed shows. She’s also avid on Twitter.

4. The Philip DeFranco Show

Phillip creates the epitome of YouTube shows. He has vlog, he produces humorous YouTube videos, and has a game review channel. He’s an opinionated and altogether funny guy. You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook.

5. The Station:

Imagine a show with all of YouTube’s mini celebrities combined. Yes, they seem to all know each other. I’ll save another blog post for them.


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