Random to reason.

The world today has moved past the formal strict lifestyle into an almost chaotic merge of information and culture that can be fully accessed in a few clicks of a mouse or a dash of a keyboard.

Random is a lifestyle. Our generation is not willing to be restricted to one in a group of many. We want to break out, go on ‘dollar a day diets’ wheel around in wheel chairs with no handicap, even forgoing the use of electricity. We respect individuality, even admire it. Why do we do it? Do we have a reason?

Architecture, Literature and the Arts are all random creations. Antoni Gaudí’s and Vincent Van Gogh’s works can be looked upon as a result of a pure whim. But no, they are seen as the greatest and most cherished works of art in this world.

The works of street artists such as Banksy and Fairey for years went unnoticed. Dismissed as random scrawling of lonely artists, passersby began to notice that there was some sort of meaning, inspiration even in these pieces of art.

That was when the questions began to come. Is there something behind this? Is there something more?

This site is dedicated to making the world knowledgeable of the happenings of street art. We will bring light to the shadows and insight to the curious.

Check in here for reviews of equipment, tips and interviews of mainstream street artists.

It’s not vandalism if it makes you think.


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