Changes needed…

The days of long  scrolling text and short story size new scripts are over. We’re in a new age and era where the reader won’t sit around for over 5 minutes to read more than 8 paragraphs. It’s time to move past the “Journalism is Dead” stage and look and prepare for the coming times.

The key to this new generation of journalism is the Internet. It sounds obvious but newpapers are still struggling to maintain their overcrowded sites which often see the worst writing of the news room. You’ll find only text, which averages at least 3 page lengths on each story.

What the news companies need is to write quick 4 paragraph sum-ups accompanied with audio and video on EVERY story. In times where a 10 year old knows how to operate a camera a reporter should be able to balance a quick story and video at the same time.

Also, it seems that  when reporters actually shoot video they never find it necessary to do a voice over.  Voice overs are essential for the viewer to understand footage. Even a simple intro on what you’re seeing makes the video so much better. However, if your voice isn’t broadcast quality and the footage is extremely good make an exception.

Imagine if you went onto a top news site and under an article on a new revolution of ideas you found this:

Would you go back to the site for more?

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How to Stay Stylish…and Bullet Proof

While traveling around the world I have been fortunate enough to not had to have worried about my safety. Of course there were alley ways in Eastern Europe that were a tad sketchy but nothing to the extent that I had to fear for my life whenI walked down the street. But I know that in my future war torn cities and fighting zones are fast approaching. Journalists today that report in the Middle East have to be constantly wary that they are targets which is why they wear bullet proof vests.

However, is it too much to ask to be both stylish and protected? Apparently not as a manufacturer from Bogota Colombia has created a line of clothing that stops bullets, and looks normal even stylish. Rumors even have it that’s what Obama used in the Inauguration Take a look.

Ever wanted to know how bullet proof vests work? Really interesting:

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