How Music Affects Us…

It’s amazing how music can make one think that something amazing, sad or happy is  happening based on the tone of the music in the background. Take a look:

The music in the background built momentum for the dunk, then when he missed it and the music came to an abrupt halt and you’re stunned for a second. Music should never be left behind when it comes to to the editing boards especially when you have free non copyrighted sites like creative commons.

What role does music have on your videos? Post links to share! Please Comment Below:

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Is David Beckham really all Soccer has?

Addidas has a new Advertiment out with Kevin Garnett and David Beckham basically intermixing basketball and soccer. Take a look:

Really now? David Beckham? Does Addidas really think that there isn’t another english speaking soccer player out there? This ad is a lot like what ESPN did to Reggie Bush and David Beckham  a while ago, trying to mix sports, race and nationality together to promote their brand. It’s a fantastic idea and all but why do the main sporting brands think that aging David Beckham is the face of soccer today? 

Please Addidas, let David Beckham take it easy and face retirement, find a younger, better player to represent soccer to America.

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