Sprint Gets in Gear


Sprint Mobile, which has often been looked upon as the phone service for the people who can’t get Verizion or AT&T has recently put out an extremely innovating and eye grabbing advertisement, take a look:

Now when I saw this I was expecting Verizon or AT&T to pop up, they’re usually the ones with the marketing mantra (Can you hear me now? and Deadzone commercials). Sprint must be taking a hit because usually when companies are going under they desperately try to revamp their marketing . Well whatever Sprint was looking for, they got it with this one. The ad talks almost directly to the new generation of techies providing immensely interesting facts of the tech world, apparently happening right as you read this.

What Sprint has finally understood is that good advertising is when you either  make the audience laugh (Bud light and Go Daddy), familiarize themselves with a cute animal (Geico) or inform and immerse them with  very interesting tidbits of information that involve them. If Sprint can keep this up, I’m predicting a boost in sales in no time.

A great example of marketing is Verizon’s “Can you hear me now? Guy” the American audience is bombarded with his image at every commercial break that he is now immediately recognizable, enough to show up in New York and be recognized:

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Changes needed…

The days of long  scrolling text and short story size new scripts are over. We’re in a new age and era where the reader won’t sit around for over 5 minutes to read more than 8 paragraphs. It’s time to move past the “Journalism is Dead” stage and look and prepare for the coming times.

The key to this new generation of journalism is the Internet. It sounds obvious but newpapers are still struggling to maintain their overcrowded sites which often see the worst writing of the news room. You’ll find only text, which averages at least 3 page lengths on each story.

What the news companies need is to write quick 4 paragraph sum-ups accompanied with audio and video on EVERY story. In times where a 10 year old knows how to operate a camera a reporter should be able to balance a quick story and video at the same time.

Also, it seems that  when reporters actually shoot video they never find it necessary to do a voice over.  Voice overs are essential for the viewer to understand footage. Even a simple intro on what you’re seeing makes the video so much better. However, if your voice isn’t broadcast quality and the footage is extremely good make an exception.

Imagine if you went onto a top news site and under an article on a new revolution of ideas you found this:

Would you go back to the site for more?

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Firefox over Chrome…

firefoxAfter recently moving back to the states I bought a new computer along with a top speed internet access that enabled me to search through the web a lot faster. With this gained time I was able to try out each main PC internet browser.

I began by using the recently created Google Chrome. I was at first amazed by how simple it was to use, due to the lack of clutter that I had become oh so use to in Internet Explorer. The all in one search bar and pre-opened tabs were a delight to someone who had to wait 15 seconds for my Yahoo! homepage to load.

Google Chrome is insanely fast, it beats every other web browser with its legs tied. I was really enjoying myself until I began to become more and more involved with the tech industry and blogging/Twitter. I found that Google Chrome was severely lacking in apps and was forced to maintain numerous amounts of tabs, cutting down my time to a computer. After opening so many tabs, Chrome began to feel more and more cluttered and would often shut down on bad days.

My friend, noticing my dilemma  suggested Firefox. At first I was hesitant because I had a special feeling towards Google Chrome as I was using it the first day it came out but after I became fed up when my tabs would repeatedly close up I downloaded Firefox. I wasn’t disappointed.

google_chromeThe amount of apps and helpful features that I can use astounded me, sure I noticed a slightly slower load time but the applications made up for that in no time.

Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious and Gmail suddenly became so much easier to use with the applications and I gained a ton of time to learn more and update my blog.

Chrome may be faster but in the end Firefox won the race.

I keep in mind however that Chrome is still in a beta stage, hopefully they’ll learn from the success Firefox has had and I’ll be the first one to return to it.

Here’s a video that times the two browsers for you to be the judge:

What is your favorite Browser? Please Comment Below:

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5 Reasons NOT to get an iPhone

The hype and marketing surronding Apple’s smart phone has reached such a level that to a consumer it seems that the iPhone is a must have. However, here are five reasons you can hold off from buying one altogether.

1. Not needed


The features and applications on the iPhone are vast and helpful but in reality you’ll most likely never use them if you have a normal job. Sure the language phrase book and calorie counter sound great but are they really worth buying an iPhone? You never really see someone use their iPhone like they do on the advertisements, you see them using it as a plain old cell phone. The tricks and gadgets really wear off after a while. If you’re looking for a PDA replacement the IPhone isn’t the way to go, try a Blackberry Storm.

2. Pricey

IPhones are in no means cheap costing base price $199 for an 16gb iPhone. And then there is the compulsory AT&T phone service which also puts the price up. For a two year plan with an iPhone it comes out in the thousands. That’s relatively cheap, compared to the $75.000 motorolla slvr but if you’re tight on money,(and in this economy who isn’t?)  is the iPhone really a good investment?

3. It’s not the only phone out there.

Nowadays it seems that the only phone out there that’s hip is the iPhone. But have you seen HTC Touch Diamond or LG Dare? Phone companies are desperately trying to compete with Apple and the results aren’t bad. Plus these phones have different providers than AT&T. Make sure to explore your options before jumping on an Iphone.

4. Have to stick with Apple

This isn’t that hard to do but if you aren’t an iPod fanatic and are use to a PDA with Internet tools, you’ll find it hard to be forced to only use what Apple gives you. Of course, there is always a less legal and risky way of getting around this, in under a minute.

5. Still not amazing

The iPhone is the forerunner in a new gen of smart phones but it still really isn’t worth all the hype. If you can survive for a few years without one, you’ll find that in a  year you’ll have something that blows away the iPhone.  Waiting even half a year for your phone contract to expire will definitely benefit you.

This is not to say that the iPhone is horrible, after all it’s the invention of the year. The iPhone is a marvel to be had, but resisting the temptation is a smart choice. Of course there are always those who take not buying an iPhone a little too seriously.

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