And you thought you knew movie reviews…

You’ve seen Siskel and Ebert, read long and wholesome reviews in the the paper and have watched reviews online . But in this bustling world who has the time to read long  movie reviews? Well never fear Haiku is here! Haiku is a style of Japanese poetry ( taught in High School) basically three sentences long giving the three main points of really anything in an artistic manner. Here’s the full meaning on wikipedia.

MG Siegler, an immensely popular tech blogger for Venture Beat has created a movie review site all in Haiku format, here’s a look at his review of the Oscar’s Best Picture:


Now if that isn’t time efficient what is? An added plus is that you can always impress people by telling them you’re an avid reader of the Japanese Haiku. Make sure to follow ParisLemon (MGSiegler) on Twitter who is an consistent poster with a ton of great information.

One of my favorite movie review sites  is Their whole review is basically a host of 4 animated characters, 2 white guys and 2 black guys (and sometimes a computer) basically  tearing a movie apart holding nothing back, it can get pretty raunchy but the funny thing is is that most of what they say is true. Sometimes their reviews are better than the movie itself, like this one on 10,00 B.C.:

In between laughing all I could think of was how they hit that movie right on the spot.

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5 Sites to Use Instead of YouTube

In a previous post I explained why YouTube is falling apart. Here are five good alternatives to post and share your videos online.

1. Facebook Videofacebook

Facebook video is my new favorite because it immediately promotes the video among your contacts. Instead of having to promote your video which can take a while and often be unfruitful you can link it to friends and even if you don’t it still comes up on their Wall. The upload times are fast and and setup is simple. Plus you don’t have to visit 2 sites for socializing online and uploading your video.

2. Vimeovimeo2

Vimeo is what Youtube should have grown into. The interface is easy and inviting. You’ll also find a better community and quality of videos (in the artsy way). The downside is that to upload your videos it can take around an hour and twenty minutes. When you’re on Vimeo it feels more official, you feel like your a part of something new and exciting, which Youtube has lost.

3. Veohveoh

Veoh and Vimeo are really similar in upload times and ease of use. The quality you can have on the video is really good, but you have to wait for an an hour and twenty minutes just the same. What makes Veoh unique is that you can watch full length TV shows and even movies on the site. This takes away from the community feel but it’s still an awesome way to combine TV and user video on one site.


Viddler feels a lot like YouTube in it’s older days, a little messy but still sweet. It has an ultra fast 29 minute upload that beats YouTube and is really simple to use. A downside is the sloppy advertisements and design but if that isn’t a factor Viddler is a great site for an alternative of YouTube.

5. Blip.tvblip-tv

One word describes Stylish, You won’t be finding really any sloppy looking graphics or excessive advertising on the whole site. is in essence run by a few core “shows” that even advertise on the site. This is a great video up loader if you’re planning on doing something that looks professional as the site is catered for such. But stick to the above if you’re just doing the run of the mill type video.

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YouTube Needs Help

YouTube since the beginning was the center for user rated video. It was the new generation of filmmakers posting their videos to be seen and appreciated by the world. It’s affected the world as we know it today, as the Super Bowl ads proved. But when YouTube sold itself to Google, it began to lose the originality that made it so popular, becoming more and more like a company and less and less like a community of filmmakers.

YouTube is now advertising all over its site, even on videos that takes away from the originality it once had. But what is really killing YouTube is that they now allow companies to have super accounts that let them post High Def videos for however long they like. C-SPAN recently posted President Obama’s Adress to Congress that lasted almost an hour. Here it is:

The video, along with another one from C-SPAN was featured on the the YouTube Homepage. Since when does an hour long video become featured on YouTube? In a way it’s sad how low YouTube has gotten. They have to know that the average web surfer isn’t going to watch an hour long video on YouTube, especially when it begins with over 2 minutes of just clapping. That’s insane.

YouTube either needs to get it’s priorities straight or someone else is going to have to take over the online video market.

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Is David Beckham really all Soccer has?

Addidas has a new Advertiment out with Kevin Garnett and David Beckham basically intermixing basketball and soccer. Take a look:

Really now? David Beckham? Does Addidas really think that there isn’t another english speaking soccer player out there? This ad is a lot like what ESPN did to Reggie Bush and David Beckham  a while ago, trying to mix sports, race and nationality together to promote their brand. It’s a fantastic idea and all but why do the main sporting brands think that aging David Beckham is the face of soccer today? 

Please Addidas, let David Beckham take it easy and face retirement, find a younger, better player to represent soccer to America.

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5 Reasons NOT to get an iPhone

The hype and marketing surronding Apple’s smart phone has reached such a level that to a consumer it seems that the iPhone is a must have. However, here are five reasons you can hold off from buying one altogether.

1. Not needed


The features and applications on the iPhone are vast and helpful but in reality you’ll most likely never use them if you have a normal job. Sure the language phrase book and calorie counter sound great but are they really worth buying an iPhone? You never really see someone use their iPhone like they do on the advertisements, you see them using it as a plain old cell phone. The tricks and gadgets really wear off after a while. If you’re looking for a PDA replacement the IPhone isn’t the way to go, try a Blackberry Storm.

2. Pricey

IPhones are in no means cheap costing base price $199 for an 16gb iPhone. And then there is the compulsory AT&T phone service which also puts the price up. For a two year plan with an iPhone it comes out in the thousands. That’s relatively cheap, compared to the $75.000 motorolla slvr but if you’re tight on money,(and in this economy who isn’t?)  is the iPhone really a good investment?

3. It’s not the only phone out there.

Nowadays it seems that the only phone out there that’s hip is the iPhone. But have you seen HTC Touch Diamond or LG Dare? Phone companies are desperately trying to compete with Apple and the results aren’t bad. Plus these phones have different providers than AT&T. Make sure to explore your options before jumping on an Iphone.

4. Have to stick with Apple

This isn’t that hard to do but if you aren’t an iPod fanatic and are use to a PDA with Internet tools, you’ll find it hard to be forced to only use what Apple gives you. Of course, there is always a less legal and risky way of getting around this, in under a minute.

5. Still not amazing

The iPhone is the forerunner in a new gen of smart phones but it still really isn’t worth all the hype. If you can survive for a few years without one, you’ll find that in a  year you’ll have something that blows away the iPhone.  Waiting even half a year for your phone contract to expire will definitely benefit you.

This is not to say that the iPhone is horrible, after all it’s the invention of the year. The iPhone is a marvel to be had, but resisting the temptation is a smart choice. Of course there are always those who take not buying an iPhone a little too seriously.

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Schools Need To Reevaluate Budget Cuts

In recent news the education system is taking a blow from budget cuts. Turns out that schools now can’t afford to offer the expensive to run T-Shirt Printing Classes anymore.


When I went to school in France you were not able to choose your classes. There was a set schedule for everyone from Jr. High onwards. There were definitely no electives, choosing your own classes seemed too good to be true. We had music and art class sure, but what they wanted was to give their students a little culture. Everything extra had to be done out of school.

School in Europe is designed to send their children into the world the most prepared as possible. They don’t think that the word “School” should ever be in a sentence with the word “Fun” unless  “is not”  is in the middle. Of course school isn’t fun in Europe but Test Scores prove that European students score on average a lot better than Americans in testing. In my freshman year of high school in France I was taking a college level Physics class.

This is not to say that their system is perfect. France has a high  drop out rate and when living there the French nationals dread school. School should be for a person a preparatory stage in their life where afterward they’re ready to go out and tackle the world. It should be an interesting a exciting experience, but in a time of one of America’s greatest depressions, is a T-Shirt making class really the right thing for the taxpayers money? Maybe we should try to teach our kids not how to make shirts but rather how to prepare for a bad economy.

On the bright side, maybe budget cuts won’t be a bad thing in some of these schools:

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